The mission of Royal Schiphol Group is to connect the Netherlands will the rest of the world and to contribute to the prosperity and well-being of the Netherlands and the planet at large. At Logistics Munich, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol aimed to present itself as the preferred cargo hub of Europe.

Meet Schiphol at Amsterdam Airport.

Think success.

The goals: meet existing customers and delight new ones; introduce visitors to the advantages and possibilities of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as the aspiring European Pharma Hub; and inspire them with smarter, faster, and more efficient partnership solutions that improve the preference for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Netherlands. The concept had to be deployable at various locations around the world.

Design success.

The exhibition illustrated what Amsterdam Airport Schiphol represents. Visitors experienced the strength of Dutch roots in every corner of the exhibition. Experience was key. A clever floor plan encouraged collaboration among partners and provided sufficient room and space for personal contact.

Build success.

Each part of the stand exuded Dutch branding, from the colours, brands, and materials (e.g. Delft Blue tiles) to the aroma of coffee and stroopwafels (syrup waffles). A system made from high-quality canvas offered excellent flexibility with respect to branding and assembly. It also symbolized Schiphol’s vision of sustainability, as the canvas could be reused at the end of the cycle and donated to artists who will re-purpose it into bags and art objects.

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