Medica Europe is a leading producer and supplier of medical disposables for hospital settings. The company offers innovative concepts for the OR, CSA, and ICU, and for the departments of anaesthesia, cardiology, and radiology. The Experience Center gave Medica a high-quality and on-brand opportunity to present its products and solutions to the medical world.

Welcome to the medica experience center.

Think success.

We wanted to develop an on-brand concept to support visitors (doctors), to streamline the sales process, and to effectively engage with the medical target group without unnecessary time pressure.

Design success.

Tausch developed a unique, high-quality, and effective marketing tool in the form of the Experience Centre, next to Medica headquarters. This inviting brand experience gave visitors the opportunity to experience the products in a realistic simulated hospital setting. The four-hour client journey introduced doctors and surgeons to all possible practical situations and offered them solutions in the form of Medica products. It proved to be an excellent way to achieve more quality time, more traffic, and more cross-selling and deep-selling. Entering into a dialogue with the target group in the medical environment generates a constant steam of new insights and innovations.

Build success.

The Medica branded experience was based on a hospital setting and was built in segments. The client journey started at a glass design table topped with several small Medica products. A hand washing test, an operating theatre, a lab, an intensive care unit, and a recovery room were also part of the journey. The Experience Center stimulated all senses, with scent, sound, light effects, and images with targeted content. The experience ended in the restaurant, where Medica experts entered into more substantive conversations with their guests.

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