Fire hazard Uden presents certified, capacity-enhancing exit-strategy for theaters. “Occupancy rate up to 70% is possible in a responsible and safe way.”

UDEN – In collaboration with Tausch, Markant Uden developed an exit-strategy that enables Dutch theatres to receive more than the previously permitted number of 30 visitors, within the set limits of the corona measures. “The protocol developed by Tausch is applied to Markant Uden, in which an occupancy rate of 70% is realized in a virtual environment. The protocol has now been validated by TÜV Nederland. With this validation, Markant Uden would be certified for the ‘COVID-19 infection prevention protocol for cinemas, theatres, and performance locations’ and thus meet the safety requirements of RIVM. This is THE opportunity for theatres, concert halls, and other stages to overcome the crisis in a safe and responsible manner and to actively fulfill their social role again”, according to Jan Wouda, director of Markant Uden.

An intelligent exit-strategy.


A solution for the cultural sector is urgently needed, according to Markant-owner Cor van der Heijden. “The urgency is high. The situation has become untenable for many theatres. We are a private enterprise and therefore completely dependent on income by visitors. Something must be done soon to prevent theatres, cultural institutions and small self-employed from going bankrupt. That is why we took the initiative to create a tangible exit-strategy.”


Markant Uden and Tausch jointly devised a safe and responsible concept for reopening the sector according to the RIVM guidelines. “An intelligent lockdown requires an intelligent exit-strategy. Tausch developed a concept to make the risks demonstrably manageable, so we can gradually work towards the ‘new normal’. With this protocol, the capacity can be increased significantly. Not only does it offer a solution and perspective to stages at a time when they are threatened in their existence, but it is also of great importance to visitors. The need for leisure activities is increasing in these uncertain times. Especially now festivals and large events are canceled and (foreign) summer holidays are in jeopardy. With our concept, the theatre can control this growing need in a manageable manner”, said Wouda.

the exit-strategy.

The exit-strategy is based on the aforementioned COVID-19 protocol that is specially developed for Dutch theatres. It includes thirty measures to control risks and prevent contamination. The method has been tested for feasibility and risks by the renowned testing institute TÜV Nederland, resulting in a certificate when a theatre can demonstrably implement the control measures that prevent further spread of the virus. Attached 3D animation shows a TÜV Nederland certified Markant Uden. Cristian Brander from Tausch explains “Theatres are spacious and therefore very manageable in environment and capacity. This makes them very suitable for being one of the first to open for the public, which is of great importance not only for the public but also for the makers, companies, artists, producers and all supporting staff arouund it. The exit-strategy is an approach in which security, solidarity and financial responsibility go hand in hand.”


The rollout and implementation of this exit-strategy for theatres are only possible with the permission of the government. “Theatres have a perspective with an occupation of 70 percent. And that occupation is possible in a safe and responsible manner. However, we need confidence from the government that we can implement, perform, and enforce these control measures in a responsible way. And thus the confidence that Dutch theatres can open to the public. With our exit-strategy, we hope to convince the government of this”, Wouda concludes.

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