Jacobus Pronk set up the first public bath in Scheveningen exactly 200 years ago. In 2018, this was commemorated as Feest aan Zee (Seaside Celebrations): a year of celebrating The Hague as a vibrant seaside city with exhibitions, festivals, performances, and events.

Feest aan zee.

Think success.

We wanted to develop a distinctive, communicative way to link the city centre of The Hague to the coast at Scheveningen. The concept had to be sustainable, weather-proof, vandal-proof, and achievable on budget and within six months.

Design success.

In close collaboration with De Mannen van Schuim, Tausch developed a striking and content-rich concept that fit the design brief perfectly. Forty-five mooring posts mark the five-kilometre route between city and coastline. The solar-powered posts light up at night, creating a ribbon of light that connects the city with the beach.

Build success.

Both ends of the route have five interconnected mooring posts that use the words ‘coast’ and ‘city’ in creative ways. The remaining 35 posts are spread out along the route and indicate the distance to and from the city. The graphic tarpaulin on the poles pairs modern design with typical Hague photography. The blue LED lights on top of the posts are powered by integrated solar panels and controlled by a timer. The result is a literal blue wave. A special subscription ensures the safety and security of the system and custom insurance covers it against any damage.

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