Every day, billions of people use Bühler technologies and solutions to satisfy their basic needs for food, mobility, or communication. The company holds leading global market positions and core technologies in the areas of mechanical and thermal process engineering. Tausch partnered up with Haas (member of the Bühler Group) in 2004 and started working for parent company Bühler in 2017. GIFA is the perfect setting to show and explain new smart CMS solutions for their casting products.

Partner for productivity.

Think success.

Create a strong recognisable, coherent and trust worthy Bühler environment and make it stand out. Position Bühler as innovative market leader and as partner into the digital age. Show visitors Bühlers global reach and local service for all clients.

Design success.

Strategy based design was the starting point for this Bühler stand. Tausch takes visitors on a journey by showing them a different perspective on the next generation Fusion. Experience marketing ensures that visitors come into contact with Bühler’s solutions for die casting in the present and the future. A strong and iconic brand is the center of attention through elegant graphic branding.

Build success.

An impressive booth filled with digital innovations and technological highlights that emphasize Bühlers forward-looking approach. Bühler welcomes her guests in a comfortable and open setting. Providing personal and professional support in a spacious hospitality area. Unique independently moving luminous spheres attract attention over the next generation Fusion. The balcony overlooking Bühler’s latest die casting sollution creates an excellent view and gives guests the opportunity to take a closer look at the operation of the machinery. The use of high quality materials provides a recognizable and trusted overall concept.

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