A sustainable future.

Tausch firmly believes that a sustainable vision is the only way to achieve success together. We are eager to work towards a healthier future, hence our commitment to people, planet, and society. Corporate social responsibility is an important pillar of our organization. We are a carbon-neutral company that reuses materials, contributes to the circular economy, and invests in its people and the wider world.

Being successful starts with building successful relationships. Personal interaction is important to Tausch. We encourage our employees to take the initiative and work in self-managing teams. Everyone is given the opportunity to work on their personal and professional development. We also welcome people with a disadvantage within the labour market, because we believe that everyone deserves a fair chance.

A healthy work-life balance is also an important focal point. There’s a reason why our absenteeism rate is just 1%! We believe that taking care of our employees translates into more successful clients. Focusing on the human side is just as important when it comes to our suppliers and clients. Honesty, transparency, and trust help us understand the ins and outs of your company. This makes it easier to determine how your exhibit, event, or interior can help you achieve your commercial goals.

Society and planet
We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously at Tausch and prioritize sustainability whenever we can. We invest in innovative methods to make our processes as lean and as efficient as possible. We also contribute to the circular economy by donating used materials to artists and charitable causes. We construct carbon-neutral buildings by implementing a variety of energy conservation measures that reduce our CO2 output, such as using LED lighting, building a fuel-efficient fleet, and compensating residual CO2 through the project Wonderbag. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, this project significantly improves quality of life for people in Africa by giving them a new way to cook their food. Watch the video below to see the positive impact of Wonderbag!

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