We create brand sensations by working with the right people and bringing out the best in them. By doing so, your brand will have an extraordinary impact on people. Through constantly looking for what motivates people, only the best ideas are gathered and developed and thereby expectations exceeded. The result: a live brand experience that inspires and excites people.


We are effective in managing every step of creating you brand environment, ranging from the first ideas on paper to the actual realisation. We have what it takes to create successful projects, including design, project management, process planning, manufacturing, transportation, storage, and worldwide servicing. If you choose to work with Tausch, your entire project will be supervised by a highly experienced client manager. The client manager will be your main contact person, managing the project planning and dealing with the various aspects in order to provide you with a carefree preparation of all other activities.


A good idea is not the only aspect important in activating your brand. The realisation of the idea is even more important. Therefore, we have carefully aligned all our processes, which put us in a position to deliver high quality and efficient productions. However, just delivering is not enough. We strive to exceed expectations with efficiency at its finest.


You want your brand environment to generate a return in all ways possible. Since this involves quite some work, we are more than happy to take all of these concerns out of your hands. We let you benefit from our know-how and international network, which is a huge advantage in realising your project(s). Our partners can help you with activities, such as staff training, catering, brand orientation sessions, gimmicks, optimisation of lead generation, customer satisfaction surveys and the use of social media before, during and after exhibitions.


We focus on maximizing added value regarding “people, planet, profit”. We strongly believe this perfectly fits into our family owned business. We have been working according to the “LEAN” principle since 2011, and together with various stakeholders we strive to achieve a more efficient way of working in order to further reduce CO2 emissions. We have been realising our projects CO2-neutral for several years already.